Weed killers, (‘herbicides’), like Monsanto’s Roundup, appear to be hazardous to human’s, animals and the entire ecosystem.

Check out the studies in the following link which link it to cancers, Parkinson’s and fertility issues, among other things:

Plus there’s the anecdotal feedback from the next paged linked to about worrying post-spray incidents such as:

*The sudden organ failure and death of dogs and cat’s.

*Acute memory loss.

*Serious and long lasting respiratory distress.

*Acute nausea and flu like symptoms.

This is something I’ve just started looking into recently as, like many people, I want to keep my garden chemical free. But being new to lawn cultivation and finding a natural alternative is also proving tough!

Alternatives like boiling water and vinegar or salt destroy the soil entirely for years to come.

The jury is out on expensive and difficult to source corn meal and thus far, all I’m coming up with is hand weeding and some promising studies on treating the lawn with a molasses water.

~ Since I last wrote this a few months ago, I’ve started hand weeding with a trowel and a knife. There’s times it feels meditative and relaxing and times it feels like a Sisyphean task  🙂 . Time will tell if the mix of handweeding and molasses is effective. I’ll keep you posted.

Anne Hughes
Acupuncture – Herbs – Naturopathy