Workshops & Classes

Workshops & Classes will be announced during the year on social media and shared on to this page.

087 624 9555

Workshops & Classes

087 624 9555

Workshops & Classes

Anne has provided acupuncture/ acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine home care technique demonstrations and talks on topics around natural medicine within her clinic and the for the wider community.

She has also put on many in-clinic workshops, hosted herbal medicine walks in St. Anne’s Park, Dublin and provided herbal medicine workshops on a host of wellness topics.

She has enthusiastically guided small groups in the many ways to enhance their general health and wellbeing in a fun, compelling and inspirational way in her clinic each year – often these are clients who wish to have the opportunity to dive deeper into single topics with hands on experience and supervision.

Empowering others to create their own health and wellbeing toolbox natural health techniques for themselves in a group setting  supports the intrinsic philosophy within all of the great ancient healing traditions – that the healer should be a teacher and the patient is not simply the passive recipient of medication or health care interventions, divorced from the process of their own wellness.

Benefits of a Wellness Program

Go deeper with instruction by a professional

Cultivate personal resilience with new skills

Nurture independent health & wellbeing

Have fun learning with like-minded people

Gain confidence using natural
medicine for loved ones

Examples of past talks, workshops and courses

  • Moxibustion for health and vitality – the fire of life
  • Cosmetic secrets techniques of the ancients
  • Anne’s Physic Garden Herb walk
  • Acupressure for relaxation and sound sleep
  • Optimise your vitality through acupressure
  • Family Home care with easily sourced Irish Herbs
  • Longevity Tips of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Masters
  • Introduction to Qi Gong for wellbeing and stress relief


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