Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a natural and convenient alternative to conventional medicine that works as a real solution to health problems (rather than just simply suppressing or controlling symptoms).

Western herbal medicine has a history of over 5000 years of use and efficacy. Essentially European in origin, a variety of Eastern, American and African plants are also now included.

Modern herbal medicine combines this long history of using plants to heal, together with comprehensive scientific research into the plants, so as to understand how and why they work, and allies this knowledge with a thorough foundation in western medical training.

Western herbalists typically create their herbal formula from plants and plant material in tincture or tea form, so that a unique combination of herbs forms an individual prescription, which addresses the needs of the patient holistically.

Benefits of Herbal Medicine

Safety 1st Clinic


Scientifically Validated Actions


Highly effective

Frequently Asked Questions

How does herbal medicine work?

Due to the complex constituents contained within each individual plant part, many different actions or effects are possible.

This makes medicinal plants distinctive from pharmaceutical drugs because they not only simply stimulate or suppress functions, but they are also able to be nutritive, restorative, tonifying, soothing, balancing and healing.

From 1000’s of years of traditional use, it has also been established that there is a perfect balance of constituents found naturally in healing plants to ensure absorption and utilisation within the body.

In modern times, the naturally occurring chemicals in plant materials have been found to have a direct and quantifiable effect on human health and vitality with scientific research into medicinal plants finding ongoing corroborations of its time proven actions and uses.

Most commonly treated conditions?

Herbal medicine is a synergistic approach to health-care, combining the best of science, medicine and nature into a personalised, holistic natural medicine solution for all.

It can be used for almost any condition, whether it’s arisen recently (such as acute back pain) or is chronic (e.g. long standing joint pain or acne). It can be used alone or alongside conventional medicine and other therapies.

See for yourself the wide range of conditions and challenging health issues, which can be addressed with the very effective nature based healthcare system or how it can be used to simply maximize one’s mind/body potential and prevent ill health.

Is Herbal Medicine Safe?

When used appropriately, herbal medicine as correctly prescribed and taken at the appropriate doses, herbal medicine is highly valued for its safety profile as a healing modality and this is likely why it is in fact the leading healthcare system in the world to this day.

A review of the traditional and scientific literature worldwide demonstrates that serious side effects from the use of herbal medicines are rare.

According to Norman Farnsworth: “Based on published reports, side effects or toxic reactions associated with herbal medicines in any form are rare. In fact, of all classes of substances reported to cause toxicities of sufficient magnitude to be reported in the United States, plants are the least problematic.  

(‘The Role of Ethnopharmacology in Drug Development’,  Norman,  R. Farnsworth,  2007)

Since Anne is a fully trained, accredited and experienced herbalists she has the education and clinical experience to know if it is appropriate to refer their clients on to their GP and can work in conjunction with conventional medicine where necessary, with her clients.

Furthermore, Anne prioritises the wellbeing of her clients through safe, well-researched, and effective herbal remedies, using premier quality herbal extracts, which use reliable accredited manufacturing practices.

Can I take herbs with prescription drugs or while breastfeeding?

Clients may be able to take herbal medicine while taking drugs prescribed by your GP – depending on the type and number of medications being taken and the condition being addressed.

Since Anne is trained in the herbal medicine related pharmacology, she is able to check for possible interactions and highlight suitability of taking herbs while using prescription medication, during the initial contact inquiry.

Ideally, a client who is taking prescription medicines, should confirm whether herbal medicine is indeed appropriate for them when inquiring about choosing herbal medicine at Well Being Dublin.

Herbal medicine can be hugely supportive whilst nursing and when informed during the consultation, Anne will choose a formula that is most appropriate for breastfeeding mothers.

Why not just purchase herbal medicine from the Health Food Shop or Online instead?

Staff at all levels in health food shops and with the best of intentions may often rely on general information regarding herbal medicine, that is not always appropriate for the patient’s complex personal history.

This can lead to side-effects from an unbalanced combination of herbs, from being taken for an inappropriate duration, scheduling, at less than optimum dosages or from negative interaction with any prescription medication being taken.

Shop-bought and non-professional herbal products are almost always of a weaker strength and dosage.

These products frequently contain a lesser potency herb than is optimum, the wrong part of the herb than is best suited to a clinical client or are manufactured with an inappropriate extraction method.

Therefore, many people feel that herbs do not work for them, or they do not get the results they expect.

It can also happen quite regularly that the patient may well be taking the right herb of good quality, but they are not reaching a therapeutic dosage which is needed to achieve results.

A qualified Herbalist is licensed to obtain and dispense the highest strength and purest quality herbal medicines and supplements from the most reliable sources (see “sourcing” section below).

Some of the very strongest herbs that are beneficial for acute health conditions are only available by prescription from accredited professional herbalists.

How are the Well Being Dublin herbs sourced and dispensed?

In a broad sense, Herbal medicine can be used in an enormous variety of ways.

Water-based preparations are common and can include the following: Infusions, poultices, decoctions, compresses and lotions (infusions or decoctions made into a smooth liquid)

Other commonly used preparations include: Steam inhalations, baths, powders or oils taken internally or applied externally, gargles and mouthwashes and pessaries/ suppositories.

In the Well Being Clinic, Anne predominantly prescribes tinctures and teas, whilst advising on the use of topical preparations or simple home use preparations for self-care with instruction if or when necessary in addition.

Tinctures are amongst the most commonly prescribed herbal medicine preparation in western based herbal medicine practices.

These are typically in a base of alcohol for active principle extraction and preservation purposes – though a two-dropper dose of tincture contains approximately the same amount of alcohol as consuming a ripe banana.

If a client is taking medication that is incompatible with alcohol, avoids alcohol for religious reasons, or would just prefer not to consume it, they can of course also evaporate the alcohol in the tincture, leaving only the herb properties.

Herbs can be used singly (known as ‘simples’) though they are most often mixed with other herbs to create a complex individualised formula. At the Well Being Dublin clinic, 7 to 8 herbs are combined in an individualised formula for client support in health and equilibrium

If preferred, dried herbs are also available, which are made into a tea.

The herbal tinctures used by Anne for the Well Being Dublin clinic are 100% natural or certified organic, and she purchases only from highly reputable Irish and British suppliers, such as Avicenna Herbs, Panacea and Shanbally Herb Dispensary.

They are grown or wildcrafted in an ecologically sensitive manner and thoroughly tested against contamination while upholding good practice manufacturing guidelines. This means both Anne and her clients can be confident of the safety, quality and efficacy of the products prescribed.

No animal products are used.

What can I expect at my first appointment with Anne at Well Being Dublin?

Once you make contact with Anne, she will answer whatever inquiries you might have to make sure that you have all the information you need, to make the decision to  start your health journey using herbal medicine, (or acupuncture/ stand-alone naturopathy the other modalities used at Well Being Dublin).

Upon booking your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your new patient paperwork

A first visit with me lasts for 90 minutes.

During this time Anne will ask you questions about your health; for example about the systems of the body, your diet and lifestyle, family history of similar health issues.

She will also examine your pulse and tongue (from her traditional Chinese medicine training in diagnostics).

Some of these questions and investigations may not seem directly relevant to the issue that you’ve come to address. But they are pivotal in providing a very comprehensive picture of your overall health – physical, mental and emotional, and indicate which factors may be unsuspectingly contributing to your central complaint.

Anne will then give you her clinical impressions of your case, and how she would suggest approaching your specific situation. She will make any recommendations for your beginning stages of treatment. This may include dietary modifications, lifestyle factors, herbs and/ or other supplements.

If she feels that lab work is necessary, she will suggest you discuss this with you and advise.

Anne does not carry out tests herself or organise same (and that is simply to keep unnecessary costs down for clients and because for client convenience, since it is more convenient for them to do this independently from via a reliable Irish testing service ).

Very infrequently, a comprehensive treatment regimen depend on lab results not yet furnished, if so Anne will get you started on your preliminary herbal formula and a plan to get you feeling better right away and re-adress the protocol in light of the additional information provided..

Client education forms part of the consultation process, so that individuals are encouraged to become more aware of their health and own optimum functioning, thus empowering them to towards enhancing their own well-being into the future.

At the end of a Well Being Dublin session, Anne will formulate and create your individualised tincture. This takes approximately 20 minutes and detailed instructions will be provided for the herbal medicines use. (That will typically involve, for example, taking a teaspoon of herbal medicine tincture, three times a day in a little water)

A follow up session, if needed for severe or deep seated long term conditions, is classically scheduled 3 weeks later.

This visit normally lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes and will include a review of the health situation, further supportive individualised natural medicine, dietary, homecare holistic advice relevant to your health condition and the creation of a follow up bottle where required.

Where all that is needed is a repeat or seasonal top up prescription, a client can simply text within two days advance notice, to arrange for hallway collection from the Clontarf clinic at a time suitable for them on Wednesdays or Thursdays at Well Being Dublin.

If you would like to find out whether herbal medicine or any other natural treatment therapy offered at Well Being Dublin can help yourself,,a loved one, friend or family member you’re welcome to phone for a no-obligation chat at 087 624 9555 or email [email protected].

The Well Being Dublin clinic does not offer fertility or pregnancy support and works with clients from age 15 and upwards.

Can I get acupuncture and herbal medicine in one session?

If you would like a combined Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine services from Well Being Dublin please let Anne know in advance. First sessions in this case take 2 hours (including your acupuncture session).

It is often advisable however, if both are required, to have your herbal medication preparation created at your 2nd visit. That was, Anne can differentiate between the results from the acupuncture session and the effects of the herbal medicine

How long does it take for herbs to be effective?

The success of herbal treatment always depends upon a variety of factors including how long the condition has existed, the severity of the condition, the dosage and mode of administration of the herb(s), and how diligently treatment plans are followed.

Results broadly speaking could be seen in as short as 60 seconds, when using a spoonful of herbal bitters for gas and bloating after a heavy meal; within  30 minutes of taking to tincture to aid restful sleep; days when using tonics to build energy; or months to correct long-standing  debilitating imbalances.

In short then, it varies from person to person, between varying conditions and depending on the herbs used and conditions treated.

As a general rule, conditions that are deep-seated and of many years standing will likely take longer than newer conditions.

Anne will be able to provide a more specific expected timeframe guideline with the recommended strategies for action, following the initial consultation with her client where the pertinent diagnostic information has been gathered.


Just a note to let you know that you were successful in helping to get my Thyroid issue back on track. I availed of a recent offer by the VHI & it seems that my T3 & T4’s are back with normal limits. Also my Sinus issues seem to have cleared up.
My GP is confused as to how this has occurred as I have not been taking the medication he prescribed. I have to thank you for the wonderful work you do & the knowledge you have passed on to me to help deal with my health in a holistic & alternative way.

D. StephensDublin

Very pleased with the treatment. I began seeing Anne every two weeks and as I started to feel better the sessions were less frequent. I had been attending doctors for two years with no improvement but after the acupuncture and herbal plan tailored specifically to me, I recovered within a few weeks.
I found sessions with Anne very relaxing and very helpful. Anne is a very professional and caring person who genuinely tries to do everything to help. I couldn't recommend her highly enough

Justyna G.Dublin

Everything was absolutely great, Anne has a great personality and is very open & easygoing – yet she offers a deep insightful view to the causes of the illness that I was suffering with. I can say that the therapy provided definitely helped me to get back to health and I will be coming back in the future if any problems arise again.
Herbs prescribed by her have been working fantastically, and overall I have saved myself a lot of money and health by going to ‘traditional’ GP.

Lucas L.Dublin 22

I have visited this clinic on several occasions and I found Anne to extremely helpful. Her treatment & herbal remedy worked a treat for me. I would recommend it to anyone.

Theresa MDublin


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