Today FM’s Shave or Dye started today. I’ve emailed again this year, to ask them again if they can alter the DYE part of this fundraising initiative for cancer, (I received no reply to the previous years emails).

The chemicals in conventional HAIR DYE are suspected cancer-causing agents and people are being asked to use sponsored hair dying to raise money for cancer charity in a way that may be extremely harmful for their HEALTH.

It also isn’t helpful in terms of awareness.

That’s because the lifestyle factors, such as keeping the chemical load down, are extremely important for anyone wanting to maintain health and who are concerned about cancer.  Therefore,  by advocating the use of Hair Dye for fundraising it doesn’t acknowledge the potential connection between the two,  and by doing so essentially then promotes it’s use as harmless.

If you agree with the above please drop them a line at the face-book address above or at Today FM.

Hopefully then the good work will continue with a simple tweak, perhaps something like SHAVE OR WIG OUT ? 🙂

Anne Hughes
Acupuncturist – Herbalist – Naturopath