Acupuncture – Keys to Health and Well Being – Digital Gift Card


The “Keys to Health and Well Being” One and half hour session including: New patient consultation + chosen Acupuncture or Naturopathy session to follow.

This session is the longer classic One & ½ hour visit, with the idea in mind that the client is having a detailed thorough consultation time usual and necessary for being able to establish the foundations for addressing all round health or any specific issue and treating any recurring, complex or chronic issues.

The ACUPUNCTURE option here is ideal for laying the necessary groundwork for those are seeking longer term Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture strategies that will optimise their all round health and wellbeing.

€80 Value

The benefit of this is that it can function as an excellent standalone visit to address issues comprehensively and to create an individualised traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis plus treatment protocol to work on that day as well as being available into the future for any recipient.

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