Hoist Moxa Smokeless Rolls (5)


The herb charcoal moxa system amplifies the positive health and wellbeing effects of acupuncture or can be used by itself as a healing protocol .

These wonderful smokeless, long lasting indirect herbal heating sticks are traditionally prescribed for used for chronic pain relief, energy and much more besides!

Moxa is the anglicised version of the word “mogusa”, which is Japanese for the herb Artemesia Vulgaris. The combining of the word moxa with that of combustion became “Moxibustion”, the generic word to describe a variety of medical techniques involved in the burning of Artemesia


Traditional use

Warming indirect herb and charcoal heating sticks, used for pain relief, energy and more.

Each roll is 11.5cm x 1.5cm of proprietary combination of moxa and herbs.

Very slow burning with a burn rate of approx 4.5cm per hour.

5 rolls supplied per box.

High quality product used by many practicing acupuncturists.

Classically referred to as smokeless moxa rolls, to distinguish them from the standard herb product – this product is not entirely “smokeless”

The sticks create less smoke and scent than the non-smokeless brands and are therefore more suitable for indoor or confined areas.

The rigid, compressed sticks are produced using a special charcoal process.

For those using in confined or shared spaces or who are averse to the stronger fragrance/ smoke of moxibustion, this makes for an effective and useful alternative smokeless low fragrance giving option.

The moxa herb amplifies the positive health and well being effects of acupuncture or can be used by itself as a healing protocol .  Moxa can be utilised for home use, when usually rolled into a stick, lit and held over specific points or zones of the body upon in clinic personalised instruction and handout supplied by Anne for her clients.

Instruction is with Anne during your in clinic visit for acupuncture, herbal medicine or naturopathy.

As a trained accredited acupuncturist who knows your health profile and the particular issues you would like to address, this will enable you to know precisely which acupuncture points or zones are best for you to moxa and how to use your herbal sticks, along  with an instructional hand out.

After instruction, moxa boxes can be purchased as re-stock for reuse any time, for your convenience.

*Note – please mention your purchase at start of session, if instruction time purchased, for Anne to put aside 10 minutes home-use instruction.


  • SMOKELESS Moxa roll pack + in-clinic instruction for personalised use €30
  • Smokeless Moxa roll pack (refill) €15

Not suitable for:

  • Moxibustion should not be performed over the face or other sensitive tissues.
  • It should not be used by clients who do not have the ability to feel heat or pain, due to age or neurological impairment.
  • Moxibustion should only be carried out for children under 13 by licensed practitioners.
  • Not for use on the abdomen of pregnant women.
  • Not for use on hot, red skin conditions, for those who are have a perception of being “overheated” or during fevers/active infections.
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