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As an acupuncturist, herbalist and naturopath, I offer health solutions using one or a combination of therapies, as required by my clients.


Clients are best to choose either acupuncture or herbal medicine on its own for mild to moderate health issues, or for issues of short to mid-term duration, i.e. under one year.


However if the issue has presented for over 1 year, or significantly impacts on quality of life, combining acupuncture and herbal medicine is a great solution.


The added holistic intervention facilitates lasting changes at a faster pace.


Nonetheless, not everyone can integrate more than one of these therapies into their life, for various reasons, such as time-limitations.


That's completely understandable and it's an important ethos of my work to work with my my client in their choices for what suits them best.


With regards to naturopathic advice, I integrate shorter sessions of naturopathic instrution into my clients sessions of acupuncture from the 2nd visit onwards.


Short weekly home-care advice on diet, supplements, exercise, relaxation techniques, acupressure etc. are provided followed by acupuncture. 


Clients can then choose to integrate as much of this into their daily life as they themselves choose.


When clients come in solely for herbal medicine, naturopathy is integrated at follow-up visits prior to the creation of their next herbal mix.


Naturopthy is integrated into the acupuncture or the herbal medicine apointments, so that each client can become empowered by holistic medicine for themselves.


They can understand clearly which factors are impacting upun their own health, have practical techniques to enhance their well-being and prevent problematic past issues re-occurring.


For those who would like a dedicated session exclusively set aside for a holistic health evaluation, detailed feedback and personalised  strategy for wellness, then a dedicated session of Naturopathy is ideal.


Using naturopathy as a stand-alone modality is very useful for those who do not require acupuncture and herbs, yet want to maximise their health, for example, athlete's and those who value maintaining a high quality of health.


New clients can also utilise Naturopathy session to help discern whether they would like to use acupuncture or herbs going into the future or wheather optimising their diet, lifestyle, supplements etc. would be all that is required.



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