I’ll try and keep this as simple as I can for the complex times we’re in.

Well Being Dublin is compliant with Irish Health Department, HSE and holistic association additional practice guidance and directives.

As such, the Clontarf clinic remains open for face to face treatments for acupuncture and clients are permitted to travel for necessary health care..

Former herbal medicine clients may order herbal medicine if they’ve had their initial herbal medicine consultation with me prior to lockdowns and can collect their herbal medicine from the Clontarf clinic.

Those who are attending the clinic for acupuncture and who are also availing of herbal medicine are welcome to collect at the end of their session or from the clinic at an arranged time.

My naturopathy face to face practice is suspended for now, in line with regulations and for now I won’t be offering a digital online practice.

I kindly ask you not to attend clinic if you are unwell, have a fever or respiratory symptoms or have been in contact with any COVID-19 infected persons or are in return from travel quarantine.

If you’re unsure, please ring the clinic for advice before attending and I’ve added the pre-screening survey below for review if needed while booking too along with the finer details of clinic practice for those who would like to see how our practice is running during these times.

I’ll continue to provide health care as long as I remain healthy, have no COVID-19 contact, am not in travel related quarantine and have no Covid symptoms to support clients as a permitted service.

I’m here for you. Strength and wellness to you. We will prevail 🙂

Anne Hughes



  • Clients will be taken directly to the treatment room at their appointment time, (as for now the waiting area use is suspended).
  • 15 minutes gap in between patients is observed so you don’t meet anybody and to allow me to ventilate the room and sanitise all surfaces. 
  • Masks are required as per government guidelines and the clinic is also a non-discriminatory practice.
  • This means the clinic services are also available and respectful of our clients who cannot wear masks, as per Government regulations, discrimination laws and the following H.S.E. guidelines : “Those who have trouble breathing, are unable to remove it without help, have special needs, who may feel upset or very uncomfortable wearing them, needs to communicate with someone who has learning difficulties, is hard of hearing or deaf”.
  • Be reassured that one plinth cover, pillowcase and cover are per patient and are washed at 60 degrees.
  • I’ll be maintaining physical distancing (2 m) whenever possible – naturally coming closer when it is essential for the hands-on assessment or treatment required for your service as per usual. That includes for example, hands on assessment and treatment, acupuncture, acupressure, gua sha, cupping and moxa use.
  • Cash, Card, Cheque, Direct debit means of payment are all acceptable in this clinic and thank you for your custom and business support.
  • Needles have always been sterile and disposable, unsealed in front of you.


Booking / Pre Screening Survey

This Pre-screening survey  may be useful to revise at time of booking and will also be emailed or texted to clients the day before their appointment, with status established prior to visit.

If you have developed any of these symptoms (possible Covid-19 symptoms) within the days prior to the appointment just send me a quick text to cancel and you’re welcome to reschedule at a later date, which we’ll discuss when you’re back in contact.

  • New cough*
  • New shortness of breath*
  • New fever, or feel feverish
  • New chills, or repeated shaking with chills
  • New fatigue*
  • New sore throat*
  •  New loss of taste or smell
  • New nasal congestion*
  • New muscle aches that are not caused by specific activity such as exercise*
  • New diarrhea*

(* which cannot be attributed to another health condition.)

  • Have you or anyone in your household tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed to any individual who is a presumptive positive or has tested positive for COVID-19?
  • * Have you or anyone in your household travelled outside of Ireland in the last 21 days?

We’re almost a year in now and the basic hand sanitising strategies and no doubt much of the above is well knows to us, please phone if you need any further information – happy to clarify and reassure clients.  

Common sense and good spirit goes a long way, hopefully we’re almost there : )