About Naturopathy


Naturopathy involves taking a holistic approach to wellness, to empower and support individuals in their return to full health and vitality.


The fundamental principles underlying naturopathy is that each person’s care is individual and requires a diagnostic evaluation based entirely of their particular health picture, with an individualised strategy provided for return to full health.


The importance of the appropriate nutrition, exercise, stress management, fresh air and exposure to daylight, is regarded as intrinsic to the naturopathic approach.


As a naturopath, my goal is to educate my clients, so that they can take care of themselves in a way that reduces their signs and symptoms, resolves the underlying issues, supports their journey back to health and prevents their specific condition or issue, re-occurring.


This includes providing dietary advice and enhanced lifestyle strategies, stress-reducing techniques, hydrotherapy techniques and the use of herbal teas and aromatherapy.


I also instruct my clients how to use a range of very powerful and effective Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques for their use at home, each relevant to the persons individual needs. These include: Acupressure, the Gua Sha technique, individualised Qi gong exercises and the use of Moxibustion (a very effective herbal heat-treatment).


Naturopathy assessment


During a consultation I ask my clients about the history of any psychological or physical issue they have come to address, take a full medical health history, inquire into diet and lifestyle, and the family and occupational environment.


After taking this detailed health history, I may move on to a session of acupuncture or make up a client’s herbal medicine and in each session that follows naturopathic advice and techniques will be passed on or taught as part of each visit. (There is no additional fee for this naturopathic segment of the visit).


If a client has come solely for naturopathy, then post-consultation, I will move on to discuss the presenting picture at hand and the overall strategy we will be using for their return to health and equilibrium.


As acupuncture or herbal remedy will not be required during this visit, the available time will be used to discuss the clients current diet and then nutritional advice will be provided in line with the findings from the initial consultation.



When to Choose Naturopathy?


Overall I would suggest a person considering naturopathy with me, to access it as a complementary therapy as provided without additional charge, alongside acupuncture and/or herbal medicine if they have a specific illness, disease or chronic condition.


However, individuals who do not have a particular issue to address (and do not wish to use acupuncture/herbs supportively), can benefit greatly from naturopathy as a stand-alone modality.


This is for clients who instead simply want a very detailed overview of their current health status by an experienced holistic-health professional and a personally-tailored, supervised strategy, to significantly help maximise their overall health or enhance athletic performance.


In 2019 I will be offering corporate wellness talks. An update to come on this shortly.





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