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"In Search of Alternative Therapies"


One of the best therapists I have ever met.’




Woman's Way  
"A needle match made in Heaven - We sent staff ed. Louise to test out Acupuncture"


"Needles - I'm not a huge fan of them, but then again I'm not a huge fan of my chronic sinusitis either. After three particularily bad bouts in as many months, I was ready to try anything that would stop me from relapsing. That's how I ended up getting needles stuck into my face by acupuncturist Anne Hughes.


Anne is trained in both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and takes a holistic approach to acupuncture, looking at diet and lifestyle as well as your medical signs and symptoms. I have to say I was very impressed with her results!


The first appointment, (as with many acupuncturists), is an hour and a half and Anne took a comprehensive medical history. She reccommends approximately 4 to 6 treatments as an average for those suffering chronic conditions, (I had three).


For me she applied six pairs of needles on my first visit, two in my face - it doesn't hurt a bit, just like a pinging sensation in the skin. After my first appointment I was very relaxed and slept like a log. The second appointment is when Anne looks into your diet and she advised me to eliminate certain foods.


After my second treatment and after taking her dietary advice is when I really began to notice a difference. I was much less sniffly, less headachy and generally felt much better.


Since my third and final treatment I haven't had a relapse yet, so I'll definitely be going back to acupuncture in the future and I'm curious about what it could do for other medical conditions.




The Evening Herald 
"Testing the Alternative"


‘What actually happens?


Anne inserted fine needles into areas where she feels the chi, or energy, is blocked. She also used moxibustion. The sensation is of deep heat penetration which was so soothing I could feel tension melt away and my circulation instantly stimulated.


Anne also placed a needle in a knot of tension between my eyebrows and the effect afterward was like a natural Botox. The knotty furrow disappeared and my forehead was smoother.’





MidWeek  (TV 3) 


'In this programme Dublin City acupuncturist Anne Hughes explains the theory behind acupuncture, how it works and provides a demonstration of acupuncture and cupping'.



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