Herbal medicine is a natural and convenient alternative to conventional medicine that works as a real solution to health problems (rather than just simply suppressing or controlling symptoms).


All that is required, is taking just 1 teaspoon of a specially personalised herbal formula, 3 times a day, to address particular health concerns.





  • Herbalists strive to understand the cause of disease in the body and address this underlying cause as well as the symptoms created.


  • Scientific research into medicinal plants has corroborating centuries of effective use.


  • Herbal medicine is a synergistic approach to health-care, combining the best of science, medicine and nature into a personalised, holistic natural medicine solution for all ages.


  • Herbalists believe that there is a perfect balance found naturally in whole parts of plants which ensures absorption and utilisation of the necessary constituents into the body.


  • The naturally occurring chemicals in plants have a direct and quantifiable effect within the body.


  • Herbalists are trained to be aware of possible herb-drug interactions and can therefore work in conjunction with conventional medicine where necessary.


  • An individual prescription is specially blended for each client.


  • The herbs used are thoroughly tested against contamination, are organically grown and ethically harvested.


  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice form part of the consultation and therapy.


  • Client education forms part of the consultation process, so that individuals are encouraged to become more aware of their health and own body's functioning, thus empowering them to take responsibility for their own well-being.





Western herbal medicine has a history of over 5000 years of use and efficacy. Essentially European in origin, a variety of Eastern, American and African plants are also now included.


Modern herbal medicine combines this long history of using plants to heal, together with comprehensive scientific research into the plants so as to understand how and why they work, with a thorough medical training.


Due to the complex constituents contained within each individual plant part, many different actions or effects are possible. This makes medicinal plants unique because they not only simply stimulate or suppress functions, but they are also able to be nutritive, restorative, tonifying, soothing, balancing and healing.


We believe that there is a perfect balance of constituents found naturally in healing plants to ensure absorption and utilisation within the body.


Herbalists use whole parts of plants in tea or tincture form and a unique combination of herbs is combined into an individual prescription to address the needs of the patient holistically at the time.





Herbal medicine can be used for almost any condition, whether it’s arisen recently (such as a cold) or is chronic (e.g. long standing back pain or I.B.S). It can be used alone or alongside conventional medicine and other therapies and is suitable for all ages.


An example of a range of conditions which can be treated with herbal medicine includes (but is not limited to the following):


Digestive disorders

Headaches & Migraines

Hormonal conditions


Joint problems

Recurrent infections

Stress, Addiction, Anxiety & Mild Depression

Skin conditions

Urinary disorders

Women’s health problems

Inherited conditions

Diseases associated with ageing and

Complex chronic conditions,  (such as auto-immune conditions).





A first visit with me lasts for 90 minutes.


During this time I'll ask you many questions about your health; for example about the systems of the body, your diet and lifestyle, family history of similar health issues.


I'll also examine your pulse and tongue (using my traditional Chinese medicine training in diagnostics).


Some of these questions and investigations may not seem directly relevant to the issue that you’ve come to address. But they are actually crucial in providing a very comprehensive picture of your overall health – physical, mental and emotional, and indicate which factors may be unsuspectingly contributing to your central complaint.


At the end of the first consultation, you will be asked to wait while I create your prescription of a combined herb formula and create your personally formulated tincture.


If you prefer, you can also arrange for collection at a time that suits you from the reception at the Dublin Holistic Centre during opening hours. Herbs can be left for collection in Clontarf also at the pharmacist below the Clontarf Holistic Centre, again during their opening hours.


A follow up session if typically needed for severe/chronic conditions, (typically scheduled 3 weeks later), lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour and will include a review of the health situation, individualised dietary and homecare holistic advice relevant to your health condition and the creation of a follow up bottle where required.


If you would like to find out whether herbal medicine can help you, you're welcome to phone for a no-obligation chat at 087 624 9555 or email Annehughes@live.ie.


Note - If you would like a combined Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine solution please let me know in advance. First sessions in this case take 2 hours (including your acupuncture session).  It is often advisable however, if both are required, to have your herbal medication preparation taken in visit two. That was, I can differentiate between the results of the acupuncture session and those from your herbal remedy in the first instance.



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