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“I am delighted to write a few words about the work of Anne Hughes. I am into alternative healing for a few years now and acupuncture is the first thing I think of when I am feeling not well or low in energy.


When moving to Dublin (from continental Europe), it took me a while to find THE acupuncturist I would be feeling comfortable going to. All the acupuncturists I tried in Ireland back then were not 100% satisfactory but Anne made me change my whole mind about the alternative medicine in this beautiful Emerald Island.


She is always able to pin-point what is to be corrected. She takes her time with the patient and discuss with them about their problems. She never rush things and prefers quality to quantity. I was never asked to follow a course of treatments since only one session was always sufficient with her.


At the end of each treatment, she gives printouts containing tips and advices to remain healthy: energising food, things to avoid doing or eating, self massages on some particular points of the body when in need... She is very professional, dedicated to her patients and visibly (which is not always the case in our times) not doing her job for money.


She really does what she does to help people feel better. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I would advise all to try out and feel the quality of her treatment. Thank you again Anne!



Bob Idjennaden www.priorem.com


Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity




“I've had the pleasure of being introduced to Anne and availed of her Acupuncture services regarding various body needs and found that the delivery of her service was fantastic as she has a natural infectious happy personality and puts you at ease effortlessly. I can certainly ensure her reputation!



Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity


Mike Mannix - business owner





“The experience of attending Anne for acupuncture has been wonderful. She not only helped me with the immediate problems of migraine and well being. Through her kind wise gentle and non judgemental manner I was able to speak about another health issue from which I am now fully recovered.


Anyone being treated by Anne will have a truly healing experience.”



Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Anne McCarthy, Dublin





“I was suffering with recurring back and neck pain due to my work and had heard that acupuncture could greatly ease this type of pain. Never having had acupuncture before I was a bit nervous but Anne explained everything and made me feel comfortable and confidant in her treatment.


Anne made me really warm and comfortable on the treatment couch and talked me through the needling, it was not at all painful and a very different sensation from what I was expecting.


I really felt the acupuncture helped my neck, there was a noticeable ease in the pain and stiffness so I was very happy. I have since referred many people on to Anne as I was so pleased with the results and comfortable with her as a therapist”.



Chloe Cottrell, massage therapist






“Anne is a true professional. She is caring, kind and has great knowledge of her trade. One always feels better leaving her treatment room! I would highly recommend her.”



Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


Susan Maxwell,  Career and Personal cousellor, Mediator, Dublin





“I’ve been to Anne several times – once for back pain which she treated me for with needling and moxa (both of which helped immensely). More regularly I go when I feel a cold or sore throat coming on and find immediate relief of symptoms.


I now know to expect a quick response from acupuncture as I’m very receptive, especially with low immunity, (I think some people don’t think of acupuncture to treat stress and low immunity and it’s very good for this).


Anne is also always gentle with the insertion of the needles and that’s important to me as I’m a little sensitive.


I would definitely recommend going to see Anne, especially with back pain and any sort of chronic pain.”



Annabelle Barker, Business Manager,






"I went in for an acupressure session with Anne when I was pregnant. I had an interest in receiving acupuncture but was a little nervous about the needles. Anne put me completely at ease and offered a taster acupuncture treatment as well as the acupressure during the session and it was lovely!


Anne is knowledgeable, professional and creates a caring, relaxing environment for clients. It's my pleasure to recommend her."



Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert


Laura Dunne     American-style tribal Bellydance teacher, Dublin





“I received a regular course of acupuncture from Anne for pain I was experiencing in my hands. As a reflexologist this was a big worry for me, I found a noticeable improvement after only a couple of sessions and as I continued the treatment the pain continued to lessen and then disappear completely.


I would recommend Anne to anyone seeking an acupuncturist, she is very professional, friendly and provides excellent and effective treatment and advice.”



Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity


Heather Knowles, Reflexologist, Dublin





"Very pleased with the treatment. I began seeing Anne every two weeks and as I started to feel better the sessions were less frequent. I had been attending doctors for two years with no improvement but after the acupuncture and herbal plan tailored specifically to me, I recovered within a few weeks.


I found sessions with Anne very relaxing and very helpful.  Anne is a very professional and caring person who genuinely tries to do everything to help. I couldn't recommend her highly enough"



Justyna G.






"I work a lot on the computer so I regularly have some fatigue in my hands. Anne was familiar with my problem and had a lot of advice to offer and remedies to provide.


In particular she used acupuncture for my hand and also to help generate some total body relaxation for me. It was a lovely experience and quite effective--I felt relief almost immediately and it lasted me months afterward.


Anne's service is a really good value, but better than that was how valuable getting to know her a bit has been. She's incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and is very genuine and has a wonderful disposition. The way she treats you is professional yet intimate, like a friend, and that left a lasting impression on me regarding alternative health practices in general and acupuncture in particular.


I sought out Anne because of some personal recommendations about the kind of care she provides. My expectations were deeply exceeded and I'd wholeheartedly recommend Anne to anyone."



Mellissa Mescu

Developer, writer, entrepreneur, Founder @NewWorkerMag.

New York





"I went to see Anne for few acupuncture treatments and I had the chance to take some herbs from her, too.


In both cases the treatments were really helpful, she helps you to feel confident with the therapy. You really feel to be with a therapist who cares about you and her work.


I'd like to recommend this therapist even for who is scared from needles and for who is going to try acupuncture for the first time. With Anne you are going to find a therapist in which you can really trust."



Chiara G.,






"Everything was absolutely great, Anne has a great personality and is very open & easygoing - yet she offers a deep insightful view to the causes of the illness that I was suffering with. I can say that the therapy provided definitely helped me to get back to health and I will be coming back in the future if any problems arise again.



Lucas Laskaweic,

Dublin 22.





"I have visited this clinic on several occasions and I found Anne to extremely helpful. Her treatment & herbal remedy worked a treat for me. I would recommend it to anyone."


Theresa Mullins,





"Hi Anne,


I hope this finds you well. Just a note to let you know that you were successful in helping to get my Thyroid issue back on track. I availed of a recent offer by the VHI & it seems that my T3 & T4’s are back with normal limits. Also my Sinus issues seem to have cleared up.


My GP is confused as to how this has occurred as I have not been taking the medication he prescribed. I have to thank you for the wonderful work you do & the knowledge you have passed on to me to help deal with my health in a holistic & alternative way".


D. Stephens, Dublin

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