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Below is a overview of my training and work, plus a description of how I can help people best - but you're also very welcome to call or email if you'd like to inquire further. I'm always happy to answer any inquiries.


In 2007, I graduated from a 1600-hour acupuncture programme at the SSC Acupuncture Institute, a leading acupuncture institute in Toronto, Canada.


Irish acupuncture programmes range from courses of 3 weekend's duration, to a maximum of 900 hours.


I then trained as a herbalist and naturopath at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin, Ireland, for an 3 additional years.


Prior to becoming a holistic practitioner, I gainied a B.A, (studying Psychology and Philosophy) and M.A in Addicton studies.


As an acupuncturist, my primary acupuncture training is in both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, (training in Canada has allowed me to become one of  few practitioners in Ireland currently using the powerful blend of both).


Learning is a passion and I've studied adjunct oriental medicine modalities, such as Medical Qi Gong, Auricular Acupuncture (ear acupuncture), Tui Na (Chinese) Massage and Shiatsu in shorter forms.


Since holistic medicine in general has been a lifelong interest over the previous 20 years, I've taken evening courses in reflexology and aromatherapy - I've also travelled to India to take an individually-tailored Ayurveda course.





Overall I run a general practice, to enable the availability of acupuncture and herbal medicine to a wide client base and to continuously enrich my understanding of holistic medicine.


However, in addition to my general practice, I specialise in helping people in 3 particular areas. These are:



  • Pain - Acupuncture by itself or where necessary, used together with herbal medicine, is highly effective for pain-relief and eradication. I get great satisfaction in my work from helping people become pain-free.


  • Psychological/emotional issues - I have a significant interest in helping people with issues such as anxiety, depression, compex trauma, grief, P.T.S.T. and O.C.D., following on from my studies in Psychology for my B.A (hons). 


  • Addiction - My M.A (hons) in Addiction Studies has been very informative to my current holistic work in this specialisation.




Acupuncture, herbal medicine and naturopathy are offered as stand-alone therapies or in a combined form and I work with just one client per visit during the allocated appointment.


Some acupuncturists see up to 3  or more clients at the one time.


I'm a registered member of the Irish Register of Herbalists (I.R.H.), the Irish Naturopaths Association (I.N.A.) and the Acupuncture Council or Ireland (A.C.I.). 


Therefore my acupuncture services are approved and in-part reimbursable with healthcare insurance providers, whose plans offer cover for acupuncture such as LAYA HEALTHCARE, VHI HEALTH, GIO HEALTH and IRISH LIFE HEALTH.


You're welcome to contact me by phone at 087 624 9555 or by email at annehughes@live.ie, to have a no-obligation chat about whether acupuncture, herbal medicine or naturopathy could help you, or if you'd like to make a booking for an appointment.






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